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In God We Trust


When you decide to remodel your home, you might need to consider remodeling your electrical wiring and systems. At Kay Electric Inc. we provide electrical remodeling in northern Arizona, especially in the White Mountain area, consisting of electrical outlet relocating, lighting installation, panel upgrades, electrical repairs, and the installation of new electrical components. We do remodeling in the kitchen, bath, and bedroom as well as anywhere else in your home where our service is needed.

There are a couple of reasons why electrical remodeling would be necessary. If you are doing a complete home remodel from top to bottom and are shifting walls and features around, Kay Electric Inc. will need to reroute the wiring and systems accordingly so that they are not in the way of what you are doing. We will make sure that your wiring and systems are in a safe area where they cannot cause problems. Electrical remodeling is also necessary for new or upgraded lighting.

Speaking of new, remodeling the electrical components in your home is necessary when they need to be brought up to code. Bringing your electrical features up to code is required when you are selling your home; it will also make your appliances function better than ever while providing safety for your property. An electrical panel upgrade will make sure that your wiring and systems function properly as well.

When you hire Kay Electric Inc. for electrical remodeling we make sure that you get the best service anywhere in Northern Arizona. Electrical and wiring are dangerous, which is why you should always call a professional for remodeling. We are happy to help and offer the most affordable service in the White Mountains. Reach us by email or phone any time to see what we can do for your property.

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